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Leading Mortgage Companies Look to Establish Private  Money Relationships to

Help Non-Traditional Borrowers - Find Surprising Long - Term Benefits 

TMAC Business Model

TMAC has a unique business approach and one that is of increasing value to borrowers who are unable to qualify now for conventional or NonQM loans.  There is no need to turn down many loan requests that come from borrowers with credit issues, need to get funds quickly for a business purpose with a loan secured by a first or junior lien on an OO or NOO property, don’t have tax returns or bank statements available, are foreign nationals or for many other reasons.

TMAC sets up relationships between licensed mortgage companies and a 30+year established, well funded, fully licensed,   private money lender in California to enable mortgage companies to assist these borrowers who might well get turned down otherwise.

The Private Money lender we work with responds to loan requests on the same day received and provides quotes a mortgage company can rely on. They work closely with loan agents through the origination process, and close loans typically  in around 10 business days. If preferable, the loan agent can refer a borrower client and the private money lender will handle the entire loan origination process.

TMAC organizes webinars, provides access to virtual conferences  and sends out helpful emails, all designed to let loan agents know about the available  private money options while not distracting from your core business model. The result will be more fee income and more conventional and nonQM loan originations.


TMAC and Val-Chris Investments, Inc are separate business organizations and do not share any common ownership or control. TMAC introduces Val-Chris to mortgage brokers who express an interest in having an outlet for private money loans of the type Val-Chris originates. TMAC is compensated for establishing these licensed broker to licensed broker relationships. TMAC also has a first right of refusal to purchase loans that Val-Chris originates pursuant to these relationships.

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