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TMAC Transaction Highlights

First and second lien residential and commercial loans having the following general characteristics

TMAC is aggregating non-consumer residential (OO business purpose and NOO business purpose) loans that are originated by mortgage companies. Our purchase program for these loans has the following parameters:


Geography: Western States (primarily California).


Loan Size: $500,000-$3,000,000


LTV Max : 70% ( first liens  or combined first and second liens)


Term: 1-5 years


Interest Rate: 7-9 % (first liens) ,10-12% (second liens)


Borrower FICO:  620  plus 


Borrower Financial Information  : Stated on Form 1003


Servicing: Released or by FCI Lender Services



Relationships enabling mortgage companies to offer quality private money finance options to their clients. 

TMAC has established three significant relationships for private money finance availability with major National mortgage banking companies.

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