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A 1 minute introduction to TMAC and the Val-Chris Private Money Loan Program
2021 TMAC Business Model
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The Mortgage Acquisition Corporation






Our Expertise
Establishing private money, business purpose, loan origination channels for mortgage bankers and brokers.

Acquiring Closed Mortgage Loans


TMAC is the industry leader in California establishing and enhancing relationships between proven, well-funded, private money lenders and large mortgage banking firms seeking to add a new, needed, lending product to their loan origination options. We have established multiple, successful, private money relationships for top 25 ranked mortgage bankers over the last 2 plus years and are seeing expanded interest in this concept .

A growing number of borrowers will not qualify, nor want to wait, for a conventional or NonQM loan. A stated-income, business purpose , short term loan that a borrower can rely on to be funded very quickly may be the best available option for a client. This private money loan not only solves an immediate need  but frequently leads to a second (NonQM or conventional) loan to pay off the private money financing. Everyone benefits.

Recent Testimonial

"Absolutely stellar transaction and ridiculously quick turn around which I am so grateful and the next will be in your inbox this afternoon sir. Thank you so much and cannot wait to spread the word with my staff! Thank you Jake for everything as well!"

T.W. Mortgage Broker. 

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